Sunday, August 29, 2010

2.0.21 Released

Release Notes
  • Updated Balance View to include more information (please see the screenshot)
  • Fixed a bug where money amount editor doesn't validate  sometimes.


  1. Looks great, will download ASAP. Thanks! :)

  2. I've used this version.
    It's working as expected. Beside, the interface and data collection process is simple & effective.

    2 thumbs up!

  3. I really like this product but I like the tab feature on SimpleD better for budget, expense and balance tabs. Anyway to incorporate the tabs in the web browser version?
    Also, you should upload the new version to SimpleD is on there.

  4. Hi, I have this version, the new one is too complex for my simple needs so I am sticking with this one! It's so simple to use and a great chance to see exactly where my money is going each month. It's my first budgeting month so I am interested to see what I'm left with at the end of the month and wher my pennies are actually going. It's the first time I have bothered with an Income/Exp budget and I'm really pleased with this SimpleD and despite the updates hope you keep this version going. Thank you :-)