Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2.0.24 Released

Hi All!

It's been a while since my last release, but I've finally released version 2.0.24. This version is compiled with Java6, so it should work on a wider range of PC / devices that haven't been updated to Java7.

There are no major feature changes - just minor ones and a few bug fixes.

Release Notes
  • Applied patch provided by Thomas Leberbauer to add recurring expense. Made recurring expense to reset expense date when template is copied to new page.
  • Added no_browser_open system parameter which suppresses browser opening during startup for user who wants to start up dsBudget on boot
  • Fixed a minor HTML issues and added version tag to force browser to reload various css/js sources
  • Updated DivRep lib, and jquery/jquery-ui. Modified a way to highlight negative balance months.
  • Added scheduled remaining column under balance view.
  • Page with negative balance will now show up in red color


  1. That's very handy since I'm prevented from upgrading Java on my work machine, thanks!

  2. Any upgrades planned soon? I know you offer the Export feature to Excel etc. but is there any chance for an Import feature. I would love to able to import my banking details (ie via the Excel, Quicken, etc options) to dsBudget instead.