Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2.0.11 released

I've just released 2.0.11. There aren't much changes since 2.0.10, but I wanted to release some changes I've made to the installer which is currently causing various issues with Vista and Windows 7. (I still don't have all the issues fixed yet)

For Windows Vista / 7 UAC issue workaround..

  • Added directive to reset file permission of the sample budget document to be "Normal" during the installation.
  • Added dialog message to be shown when somethings goes wrong with saving document.
  • Added RequestExecutionLevel directive on nsis installer after discovering that Vista/7 UAC breaks the application if it's not installed with admin priviledges. (http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Docs/Chapter4.html)
Some minor changes / fixes.

  • Made the subheader to be configurable.
  • Fixed the java command line issue for linux, and made the default browser to be firefox (and configurable) Added message box to show if the budget document can't be found


  1. after i installed and tried to launch program, i get an error msg window titled: java virtual machine launcher "could not find the main class" help please!

  2. mw, are you using the Windows shortcut that installer created for you on your desktop? Or are you using the .zip file version of the dsBudget package? Also, what do you see when you run "java -version" on your command line?