Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!

I've known that the January is usually a populate month for starting exercising, but it is also a popular month for people to start doing something new with their finance.

As I have expected, there is a steady increase in the number of access to dsBudget homepage toward the end of last year, and I am getting quite a few comments / feedbacks from the user. I'd like to say thank you for trying my application and I really hope that my application or other similar tools will be able to help as many people this year as possible to gain control over their expenses.

With increased number of people trying my application, I am hearing about the issue on Windows' Vista's UAC (User Account Control) feature that is preventing user from installing and running the application correctly. Since I don't own Vista, this is very difficult for me to troubleshoot.

If you own Vista, and having trouble with dsBudget (or was having trouble but able to resolve it) please let me know and I will appreciate any help that you could offer!


  1. Usually when it comes to dealing with the UAC in Vista, the user should right click on the install executable and choose 'Run as administrator'. That fixes 99.9% of all problems.

  2. I got a lot of errors trying to install under Win7 64-bit. But running the installer as 'Windows XP (SP2)' compatibility solved the problem.

  3. Rahul,

    Is right-clicking and running as administrator something that Vista user is used to doing to install other software, or is this something that is unique with dsBudget installer? I use NSIS installer for dsBudget and I will Google it to see if there is a known fix to this.


    Thanks for letting me know! I am guessing this also has to do with the installer that I might be able to work around, or have to replace the installer if I have to..

    After you got it to install, is dsBudget able to write the document back to disk as expected? After you change something and restart dsBudget server, do you see the changed you made? I was told that user need to tinker with the administrator setting on the shortcut itself so that dsBudget will have sufficient access right to write to the budget document.

  4. Vista users are fairly used to doing that I believe. I certainly was and it seems to be the most common fix I have found online to practically all problems relating to running or installing of programs.