Saturday, April 17, 2010

2.0.17 Released

Release Note
  • Fixed the issue where user couldn't enter money amount with white space around them.
  • Added a new configuration option to change the ordering of each sections of the page (for example, to make the total balance appear at the top)
  • For Windows Users, finally fixed the Windows Vista/7 UAC issue that was causing installation / execution issue with dsBudget. The new installer will now prompt user with the administrative access dialog *please see note below.

[Note on Windows Vista/7 UAC Issue Fix]

I also had to change the location of some of the files you probably care such as dsbudget.conf, and BudgetDocument.xml to Windows "Application Data" directory in order for dsBudget to have read/write access to them. Windows Vista/7 doesn't allow user level applications to read/write files under C:\Program Files, and "App Data" directory is used to store files that needs to be changed by the application.

App Data directory for dsBudget will be something similar to following.

[For Windows 7]

[For Windows XP]
C:\Documents and Settings\Soichi\Application Data\dsBudget

2.0.17 installer will copy your BudgetDocument.xml from c:\Prograil Files\dsbudget to your Application Data directory.

I really wanted to keep those files in C:\Program Files by giving dsBudget application administrative access, but that meant that users have to click OK on administrative access dialog every time they start dsBudget, and I thought that would be very annoying. What's really bad is that, App Data directory is hidden by default for "security" reason and you have to make Windows explorer display these hidden directory or manually enter the path yourself in order to get there.

Another problem is that now user can't install dsBudget on USB drives easily. When you select installation directory on the installer to your USB drive, the program executable itself will be installed on the USB drive, but your budgeting data / configuration file (stuff that you care) will still be installed under App Data directory. This is a shame and I am planning to update our installer some time soon (maybe by make the default installation directory to App Data directory, and install everything there?)

As usual, please send me emails or post any concerns / questions to dsBudget forum.


  1. Hi Soichi,

    First off, let me say I am not a programmer, so please take my questions with all due respect. Is there any reason why this program can't be set up as a Portable app with the program folder stored in the Documents directory, or anywhere the User chooses? (I run my portable apps from a NAS). Most of my portable apps store their data in the programs own folder. And does the installer write to Windows Registry?

    I really like the simplicity of the program. Stumbled across it while looking for something simple for my sister. Really impressed with it.

  2. Chris,

    You can install dsBudget anywhere you want - including your USB stick. Just use the "2.0.23 Windows USB Stick (Standalone)" package to download, unzip it (where you want to *install* it), and just run dsbudget.exe to start it. If you have any problem, please feel free to post question in our forum (!forum/dsbudget)