Sunday, May 16, 2010

2.0.18 Released

Hi All! I hope everything is going well (especially your budgeting!)

I've made several neat changes and I am very excited to announce this.

First of all, we have a new contributor to our project; Jordi Barrère, and he has helped me to internationalize dsBudget and gave me the first translation file in French! Thanks Jordi!! He has also written this document showing how to add new translation. Please check it out!

I've added pie graph to expense view so that you can see how much you are spending grouped by "Where" field. Expense view allows you to sort by field other than "Date". You can decide if you want pie graph, or balance graph (or both!) for each category. I find this very handy for category such as my utility since I really don't care about "when" I make those payments, but I care "how much compared to other utility expense".

Another major change is you can now share your document via internet by hosting your dsBudget document on DropBox, Windows network, NFS, or whatever the method you want to use to share dsBudget document. dsBudget senses that someone else has updated the document and reload the document automatically.

I have also created a new Windows standalone installation package in "" format. This allows you to install dsBudget simply by extracting zip file to your USB stick (or wherever you want..) You can then carry dsBudget application & document around with you wherever you go, and you can run it simply by clicking on dsbudget.exe (no installation necessary) inside the dsBudget directory.

One last important change..

I have added a new configuration file called "dsbudget.user.conf" along with our current "dsbudget.conf". dsbudget.user.conf will let you override settings specified on dsbudget.conf.

Until this release, everytime you re-install dsBudget, it wipes out your current dsbudget.conf with the new version of dsbudget.conf with all the default settings. From this release, you can make persistent changes to you rconfiguration by editing dsbudget.user.conf instead (by copying any field that you want to customize from dsbudget.conf and pasting & editing on dsbudget.user.conf.) and dsBudget installer will not touch dsbudget.user.conf thus preserving your custom settings. I should've done this long time ago, but well.. here is it now! If you are one of those people who touches dsbudget.conf, please edit dsbudget.user.conf instead!

Thanks, and happy budgeting!
Soichi Hayashi

Release Note

[New Features]
Added i18n support with French translation (more translations to come soon!)
Update installer so that it will create .zip version of windows package (for easy USB installation)
Added a new Pie Graph for Expense view.
Added a new configuration dsbudget.user.conf
Added ability to sort expense items based on other columns than date.
Added functionality to detect if BudgetDocument has been updated externally, and if so reload the page.
Created dsbudget.exe for windows which uses launch4j to launch dsBudget (it handles case when Java is not installed much more elegantly)

[Bug Fixes]
Fixed the issue where budget document can be locked which prevents DropBox to synchronize document. now logs boot issue to current directory - for better troubleshooting.

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