Thursday, November 26, 2009

2.0.7 released

I've originally planned to release auto-saving feature with 2.0.6, but I didn't quite get it polished so I've released it without it. I got a report for 2.0.6 that it has some serious bug, so instead of back porting it I've fixed it on 2.0.7 and decided to release it with the auto-saving feature.

I am not sure how well the "auto-saving" feature is accepted by our users.. If you install 2.0.7 you will notice that there no longer is a "Save" button. The document will be saved automatically everytime you edit something, and if you'd like to revert back to the previous version (maybe you screw something up) then you can go to /dsbudget installation directory and you should see backup of previous documents. The backup will be kept up to 7 days.

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