Saturday, November 28, 2009

Finally got rid of "Windows Security Alert" popup

One of the concerns that I had with using Tomcat server as an application container was that I couldn't prevent Windows Security Alert from poping up during the dsBudget startup. I knew that the user would freak out and immediately try to un-install the application if they see this dialog..

Tonight, I was finally able to set Tomcat connector configurations correctly so that this dialog won't be displayed anymore. This is a big milestone for me and now I feel good about making the decision to use Tomcat / Java / Web-UI stack for dsBudget!

1 comment:

  1. Yeah, I didn't realize but that dialog is now gone! Good Job!

    Since I have my own web space that I can publish to ... would it be possible for me to somehow put dsbudget online? If so, I could easily set up a password protected section that I could log into anytime.

    That's what Tomcat is essentially doing ... loading a local web server, am I right?

    This is purely a personal curiosity ... I know you'd said that a lot of users don't like cloud-based solutions.